The Rug Company celebrates 20 years of creative ingenuity with new capsule collection

1 floral rug & 1 gold lined rug
Left, 'Chiaroscuro', by Alexander McQueen, for The Rug Company. Right, 'Channels Copper', by Kelly Wearstler, for The Rug Company
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In 20 quick years, The Rug Company has blazed the trail for tasteful, contemporary rugs with its blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, so much so that many have come to expect nothing less. Not only has The Rug Company championed the use of fine raw materials and the quality of Nepalese weaving, it’s also pioneered the recruitment of designers outside of the interiors world to try their hand at creating rug patterns – a move that has garnered much success.

To celebrate this monumental birthday, The Rug Company is launching a celebratory capsule collection of five new designs from some of its most lauded collaborators. Alexander McQueen, Kelly Wearstler, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and The Rug Company co-founder Suzanne Sharp are the creatives behind the new works. Debuted during London Design Festival and now exhibited in New York, the ‘TRC20’ collection will tour the company’s showrooms worldwide.

Tartan print

'Highland' by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company

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Like the company’s comprehensive offering, the ‘TRC20’ collection showcases an array of styles. From Kelly Wearstler’s expressive brushstrokes that have been translated in copper-toned silk on Tibetan wool, and Paul Smith’s recognisable stripes that feature an array of colours which seamlessly blend into each other, to Alexander McQueen’s photographic floral still-life design that has been produced in a limited edition of 40; each rug is a testament to the caliber of the company’s artisans who turn each concept into a reality.

Vivienne Westwood’s magnified tartan, which features her custom created 2007 ‘Gold Label’ pattern that’s been oversized for graphic appeal, and Suzanne Sharp’s geometric ‘Bonavita’ design – inspired by the tiles of an old Maltese church – are no different with their crisp sharpness and invigorating colour palettes. 

The collection’s significance has been captured through the lens of photographer Mary McCartney, who shot each designer in their studio space and filmed them behind the scenes, for an extra special look at the creative process. Filled with candid divulgements and peeks into rarely-seen worlds, the images celebrate the personal and the artistic, as The Rug Company continues to be.

Green leather sofa surrounded by geometric rug

'Bonavita' design by The Rug Company co-founder Suzanne Sharp on view at its showroom in Soho, New York

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Information poster about the Highland collection

Vivienne Westwood's 'Highland' rug features her custom created 2007 'Gold Label' pattern

(Image credit: TBC)

Display of floral rugs

Alexander McQueen's 'Chiaroscuro' is a photographic floral still-life design

(Image credit: TBC)

1 colourful striped rug & 1 geometric rug

Left, 'Festival', by Paul Smith, for The Rug Company. Right, 'Bonavita', by Suzanne Sharp, for The Rug Company

(Image credit: TBC)

Information poster about Kelly Wearstler

Kerry Wearstler's expressive brushstrokes have been translated in copper-toned silk on Tibetan wool for 'Channels Copper'

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The 'TRC20' exhibition continues until 22 October. For more information, visit The Rug Company website


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