It’s officially autumn so I am falling for these tactile treasures for the table or desk,  all formed in warm, wondrous wood.

The WallpaperSTORE* edit, selected from all over the globe, has been carved and crafted from solid walnut, oak and mahogany plus the rather more exotic sounding samak and Japanese kalopanax, before being hand-waxed or oiled for your pleasure.

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This weeks picks to please the eyes, caress the hands and transform your spaces include Finn Juhl’s 1956 Turning Tray by Architectmade; Philipp Mainzer’s Pen tray and paperweight plus Mark Braun’s Turn fruit bowl by E15; Giulio Iacchetti’s Itri candleholder and Emmanuel Zonta’s Parè toy fish, both by Internoitaliano; Kihachi Kobo’s turned bowls by Japanese design company Metrocs; and if the scent of wood was not already good enough, Serra & Fonseca’s solid perfume comes wrapped in a mahogany case.

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Nick Vinson, also known as Picky Nicky, has been an editor at Wallpaper* since 2012, curates the selection for WallpaperSTORE*, where he is general merchandising manager and also pens the monthly ’Vinson View’ column in Wallpaper*