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Creative conference Semi-Permanent has developed into a vital stopover on the global design circuit, procuring the cream of the creative crop and hosting an impressive swathe of events from exhibitions and workshops and master classes to launches and parties
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It may be called Semi-Permanent, but the annual design festival down under is making quite a mark on the creative calendar. Concieved in Australia and popping up in all major cities across the country, it now has an international reach, bringing its programme to London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Kicking off this year in Sydney, the conference brings in a stellar list of international speakers, including local graphic designer Vince Frost, New Zealand photographer Derek Henderson, Web/ Digital agency, Hi-ReS, along with Wallpaper's very own Art Director, Meirion Pritchard.

The brainchild of creative gurus, Murray Bell and Andrew Johnstone (of influential online creative hub, Design is Kinky), in just a decade, Semi-Permanent has developed into a vital stopover on the global design circuit, procuring the cream of the creative crop and hosting an impressive swathe of events from exhibitions and workshops and master classes to launches and parties, including a new webcast system called 'Hangout', where participants can interact with guest speaker Roman Coppola (son of celebrated film director Francis Ford Coppola) from the US.

The event takes place over two days and covers all aspects of the creative spectrum from photography to typography, architecture and fashion. The next stop is Auckland, New Zealand where Pritchard will also be speaking.

GMUNK, motion graphics

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GMUNK, motion graphics, Los Angeles
One of the guest speaker's at this year's Semi-Permanent conference in Sydney, Bradley G Munkoqitz has over a decade of experience as a design director for the motion graphics industry

David Alan Harvey

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David Alan Harvey, photographer, New York
New York-based Harvey has shot stories around the world, published two major books and became a full member of Magnum in 1997

The realm of fashion

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Bec Parsons & Bart Celestino, fashion photographers, Sydney
Since joining forces in 2005, Bec Parsons and Bart Celestino have reshaped the realm of fashion photography with their iconic imagery

Benja Harney

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Benja Harney, paper engineer, Sydney
Self-taught, Benja constructs and engineers high-end pop-up books and paper construction

Derek Henderson

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Derek Henderson, photographer, New Zealand
New Zealand-born Henderson has a penchant for turning the ordinary everyday into mysteriously beautiful scenes

Kelli Anderson

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Kelli Anderson, artist, New York
Based in New York, Anderson is an artist, designer and printmaker


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Meggs, artist, Melbourne
David ‘Meggs’ Hooke is known for stencils and poster art on the streets of Melbourne

Roman Coppola

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Roman Coppola, film director, USA
Roman Coppola is the son of celebrated film director Francis Ford Coppola and will be broadcast directly via the new webcast system and the Google Hangout session. Roman was assistant director on the Life Aquatic, and is currently directing his first feature film

Luca Ionescu

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Luca Ionescu, typographer, Sydney
Sydney based design studio specialising in Lettering Typography and illustration

The Monkeys

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The Monkeys, advertising, Sydney
The Monkeys create provocative ideas that live within advertising, entertainment and technology

Bec Winnel

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Bec Winnel, illustrator/ artist, Melbourne
Originally working as a graphic designer, the self-taught artist is currently embarking on his first year as a full-time artist

Production studio

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Where There's Smoke, production studio, Sydney
WTS is focused on developing inspirational content within the areas of youth, pop culture and lifestyle

Vince Frost

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Vince Frost, Graphic Designer, Sydney
With an international range of clients including Nike and The Independent newspaper, British-born, Sydney-based Frost runs creative studio Frost Design, working on anything from postage stamps to magazines, identities, TV advertising and online

Meirion Pritchard

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Meirion Pritchard, Art Director, Wallpaper*
Pritchard is the Art Director of Wallpaper*, where he continues to push the creative boundaries of print, working to ensure the brand retains its identity across its events, products and collaborations. in 2011, he also directed Wallpaper's first monthly iPad editions

Lauren Ho is the former travel editor at Wallpaper*. Now a contributing editor, she roams the globe, writing extensively about luxury travel, architecture and design for both the magazine and the website, alongside various other titles. She is also the European Academy Chair for the World's 50 Best Hotels.