When Tom Dixon first opened his King’s Cross Coal Office space in 2018 (a hybrid of shop, restaurant, office and exhibition space), his goal was to gather and connect different creative practices and brands under one roof, transforming the space through different design approaches. 

The latest opening within the building does just this: Italian furniture company Porro just moved into the Coal Office with a new showroom. Featuring Porro’s architectural and bespoke furniture systems, the showroom is defined by a perfect contrast between the rough, industrial environment and the company’s pristine geometries, with the aim of creating a space that acts as a platform to showcase the products’ versatility and their custom potential, while also celebrating the craft at the heart of the designs. 

Porro London showroom at the Coal Office

Porro London interior with wardrobe system
‘Storage’ wardrobe, designed by Piero Lissoni in collaboration with Porro’s design team

‘Innovation and the desire to break out of established paths have always been the driving forces of my family’s company,’ says Maria Porro, fourth generation and in charge of marketing and communications. ‘We feel the fascination of such a contemporary and intercultural place, a crossroads where art and creativity can thrive: we believe that by mingling different creative approaches and combining seemingly opposing worlds, linked by design quality as a common thread, we can develop incredible interior designs.’

The space, she explains, was intended as a blank canvas to initiate a conversation with the local creative community of architects and London-based customers, but it also shows opportunities to expand Porro’s reach through collaborations with local institutions such as Central Saint Martins, located across the square. 

Porro London interior with dining table and chairs
‘Materic’ table by Lissoni, ‘Romby’ chairs by GamFratesi, under a chandelier by Tom Dixon

The showroom makes its debut with some of Porro’s key designs, including the ‘Storage’ wardrobe, designed by Piero Lissoni in collaboration with the company’s design team, and a demonstration of its customisation skills and flexibility into a space. Furniture includes the ‘Lullaby’ armchair by Nicola Gallizia and the ‘Offshore’ dresser by Lissoni, welcoming visitors at the entrance. Also by Lissoni is the ‘Materic’ table, anchoring the dining area that also features GamFratesi’s ‘Romby’ chairs in natural ash. 

At the back, Porro’s iconic shelving system, the ‘Load-it’ by Wolfgang Tolk, adds functionality to the narrow space – every area of the compact showroom is a fitting example of the bespoke quality of the company’s designs. 

Black bookcase by Porro in narrow corridor
‘Load-it’ bookcase by Wolfgang Tolk 

‘This space has been created to establish a dialogue with architects, interior designers and end customers who want to live and work in custom-designed spaces, where the artisan care for details matches the precision, reliability and quality of the industry,’ continues Porro.

‘Thanks to a revolutionary, state-of-the-art production facility that has eliminated warehouse stocks by working just-in-time with excellent results in terms of panel-cutting and veneer quality, customisation ability, waste reduction and sustainability, Porro offers solutions that are every time different, every time unique. This store is another proof of that: in it, the company’s systems, true complex but flexible architectures, design the spaces in a creative way in combination with the product collections, developed by leading designers.’ §

furniture in Porro showroom in London
‘Lullaby’ armchair by Nicola Gallizia and ‘Offshore’ dresser by Lissoni