Mechanical stationary: Internoitaliano’s new range of writing tools, Neri

Mechanical stationary: Internoitaliano’s new range of writing tools, Neri

Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti and his product venture Internoitaliano present Neri, a collection of mechanical pencils and pens that mark the brand’s debut into the world of stationery. 

A marriage of design and craftsmanship, Internoitaliano has been partnering with local companies to explore their skills and savoir-faire, and this new collection is the result of a collaboration with Parafernalia, a company which has been producing contemporary writing instruments since 1968. 

The new pieces form a small collection of minimal pencil shapes in anodized and sandblasted aluminum, concealing the leads and pen refills. To activate the pen, Iacchetti has devised a brass thumbscrew system to suggest a gesture, he notes, that is reminiscent of adjusting the points of compasses used in technical drawing. 

‘I feel that pens and mechanical pencils epitomize objects that can fully express the essence of design: sophistication, simplicity, the archetype of a technical tool, a prosthesis of the hand and mind,’ explains Iacchetti, whose design works range from household essentials to lighting and graphics and always maintaining a sense of honest craftsmanship and timeless style. ‘Having your own pen and pencil with you ‘, he notes, ‘is already a statement of intent: ability to leave a tangible written sign, to begin a story, sketch out a new project.’

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