MDF Italia and Jacob Cohën rethink the ‘Neil’ seat in denim

MDF Italia has collaborated with Jacob Cohën on a new denim edition of the ‘Neil’ chair, making its debut at Salone del Mobile 2022

Neil Denim chair
The MDF Italia and Jacob Cohën Neil Denim chair
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A collaboration between MDF Italia and luxury brand Jacob Cohën rethinks the classic design codes of Jean-Marie Massaud’s distinctive ‘Neil’ seat. The new ‘Neil Denim’ draws on the expertise of both brands, incorporating both Cohën’s history of creating products inspired by jeans and the expertise of MDF Italia, including its Made in Italy focus.

‘We have always been drawn to the idea of working with this type of fabric, and being able to do so alongside a company with such in-depth know-how as Jacob Cohën, which shares our passion for design, research and attention to detail, proved key to the final success of the product,’ says CEO of MDF Italia, Frederik Billiau.

Neil Denim chair, based on a design by Jean-Marie Massaud

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The end result encompasses a simplicity of form with a silhouette drawn in clean lines, a minimalist foil for the high-quality raw materials important to both brands. Sustainability is also a key element of the chair, with materials fully recyclable, and the chair itself designed and built using a sustainable supply chain.

‘Our collaboration with MDF Italia came about very spontaneously thanks to the values that both companies have in common: details that make the difference, extreme quality of the materials used, and all-Italian craftsmanship guided every single aspect that led to the creation of “Neil Denim”,’ adds Jennifer Tommasi Bardelle, president and creative director of Jacob Cohën.

Neil Denim chair, by MDF Italia and Jacob Cohën, based on a design by Jean-Marie Massaud

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The ‘Neil Denim’ chair stays faithful to Massaud’s original ‘Neil’ chair, encapsulating the latter’s understated structural form and versatility in a piece that is easily and effortlessly disassembled.

The new chair is just one of the MDF Italia designs to be unveiled during Salone del Mobile 2022, but forms an integral part of the company’s Milan showcase and indeed Fuorisalone 2022.

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The collaboration between MDF Italia and Jacob Cohën is on view from 6 – 13 June 2022


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