Mayfair luxe: Rossana opens its first UK showroom

Mayfair luxe: Rossana opens its first UK showroom

San Marino-based kitchen brand Rossana has opened shop in London’s Mayfair, bringing their luxury kitchens to Britain for the first time.

Landing right in the heart of Marylebone’s shopping district, the showroom is designed by Massimo Castagna, who has spearheaded many of the Italian brand’s recent creative initiatives. The UK arrival follows last year’s release of the refined W75 kitchen and the introduction of Rossana Atelier (also imagined by Castagna) – an even more specialised, boutique and tailor-made section of its service, that offers a truly immense selection of plush materials and finishes to suit all of its clientele.

The showroom itself is similarly lavish. Under low lighting designed by Castagna, a mix of deep-veined marble and dark oak brings a sense of warmth. Showcased within the two-storey space is a wealth of the brand’s models, including the sleek Vincenzo De Cotiis-designed DC10 – a classic yet futuristic island in a burnished brass finish – alongside the W75, rendered in an olive wood.

Reactions to the space have been emphatically positive, already earning a nomination for an SBID International Design Award. The opening marks an important stage in the 50-year old brand’s expansion. Next, it will travel across the Atlantic, with an opening in the USA.

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