LARQ Pitcher

Purify your kitchen with LARQ’s Pitcher – bringing together proprietary technology into a first-of-its-kind, sleekly designed water jug. Using UV-C LED lighting and plant-based filter, the jug uses a two-stage filtration and purification process that removes 90% of chemicals from your water.

Vipp Electric Kettle

Family-owned Danish design company Vipp has perfected a kitchen essential – the kettle. With a simple yet refined design, the kettle uses latest technology such as a double surface to provide optimal insulation – making the kettle heat-proof to keep water hotter for longer. 

‘Forma’ Cheese Grater

A cheese grater turned sculptural centrepiece, Alessi pairs the humble utensil with a Zaha Hadid designed stand – who was inspired by the natural formation of pebbles eroded over time. The result is an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, ensuring a sturdy grip and full control.

Bodum’s Mocca Siphon 

Peter Bodum’s first ever product, introduced in 1956 was his iconic Mocca Siphon coffee maker – now it has returned. With a sleek new update and its very own gas burner, the Mocca Siphon can be taken on the go for all your coffee cravings.

Cutting Boards, Cold Tones

Led by a design infatuation with the feel and durability of polyethylene, Belgian design duo behind Muller Van Severen have created this set of overlaying geometric cutting boards. Comprising of four colourful pieces, the set design was born with sculpture in mind – with each board created to enhance the set’s impact when hung together.

‘Wrongwoods’ Tray

Make a statement with a Richard Wood designed tray. Renowned for his work with bold and repetitious motifs, Woods is often inspired by domestic pattern and a nostalgia for mid-century domestic interiors. The British artist teamed up with designer Sebastian Wrong to create this playful plywood tray – reminiscent of 1950s homeware. §