The Kkaarrlls collection, which includes 20 pieces by 17 young designers, was established as a showcase opportunity for the cream of recent graduates from Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. All products in the range are united by the notion of updating familiar, traditional aesthetics, but the real advantage of the venture is that it allows cash-strapped former students to exhibit and produce their work on a small scale in a ’micro-manufacturing’ set up; they all share the costs of exhibiting and production. 
The fibreglass stools and side tables of Eva Marguerre’s NIDO range demonstrates the high level on offer, as does Kilian Schindler’s Kkaarrllssttool, a series of steel bars bent into the familiar shape of the traditional plastic Monoblock chair. It’s a witty, materially expedient take on a culturally-familiar object. Completing this picture is Tina Schmid’s Lu-C, an other-worldly, bespoke fabric floor light.