Swedish interior designer Louise Liljencrantz and KFK Cabinet-Makers have collaborated on a new brand of timeless limited edition furniture. Unveiled during Stockholm Design Week, Veermakers presents Liljencrantz’s vision of classic Scandinavian design reinterpreted with a contemporary spin.

As carefully considered as her tasteful interiors, Liljencrantz’s new furniture collection features sinuous wooden coffee tables, chunky seats defined by a decisive geometry and travertine stone lighting. A walnut sideboard combines strong volumes with a floating design and is completed with a steel-burned finish, while a birch veneer table’s surface seems a fitting celebration of the material’s rich texture. 

Louise Liljencrantz furniture collection

Advocating for a slow design approach, the furniture in the collection is a peaceful interpretation of classic furniture, merging a contemporary design language with honest craftsmanship and attention to detail and materials. The name chosen for the brand is a play on words, ‘veer’ meaning ‘to take the other direction’. ‘With Veermakers we not only want to switch course, but also turn back the clock to a time when craftsmanship was in focus,’ observes the designer.

Louise Liljencrantz furniture collection

Liljencrants and KFK have been long-term collaborators, working together on a series of residential and commercial interiors by the Swedish designer. Her interiors projects are based on a sober colour palette favouring black and white with a strong focus on natural wood, whose presence is celebrated in the space. The same simplicity of shades and materials can be found in the Veermakers collection.

‘We want to create the same feeling of craftsmanship as in our earlier creations but with a less complex production process,’ she says. ‘With Veermakers, craftsmanship is in the spotlight and products are the complete opposite to mass production and rapid consumerism.’ §