We’ve all known for a while that Twitter is here to stay. While a handful of technophobes remain demur, it’s hard to ignore the 500 million tweets flitting across the Twittersphere every day. But sift your way through the spam and slurs, gibes and gossip and, chances are, a couple of those Tweets might be worth reading. More than that, they might actually be useful.

That’s the idea behind Twitter and the London Design Festival’s #PoweredByTweets challenge, which hopes to harness the people’s power, using social media as a platform. The concept is simple, if overwhelmingly broad: come up with an idea that uses the collective power of Twitter (or Twitter data) to either solve a problem, or make something beautiful. A board of judges will then give their top three entries the opportunity to bring their designs to life; the winning ideas made reality over the summer months by Pixie Labs, a Shoreditch-based ’product incubator’, before being exhibited as part of the festival in September.

The panel of six judges forms a comprehensive picture of the design, creative, media, technology and advertising industries. Among them is LDF director Ben Evans and designer Paul Cocksedge.

Probably the most exciting thing about the competition is that it is open to everyone. Think you’ve got what it takes? Hurry - entries close 5 June.