With the standard of school design so high at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, students of Beckmans College of Design went a little further than most to stand out ahead of their peers.


Click here to see the students’ work and graphics from their fliers
Whilst most of the Greenhouse section of the fair where the youngsters show their wares is strictly no touching, and certainly no sitting, the Beckmans team welcomed visitors to actually try out their products. This might not seem like a particularly exciting development but after four hours of looking at chairs, the opportunity to actually sit on one is sweet to say the least.
More than this though, the third year students at Beckmans teamed-up with the second year graphic design students to produce their printed material, together with a video introduction to their show. Titled 1+1=3 implying the fusion of creative minds makes for an unexpected result (perhaps not so inspiring) we applaud the nifty trompe l’oeil effect in the film and of course the students’ work itself, which was definitely some of the finest on show.