We’re like kids in a candystore with this new range of brightly hued washbasins from Antoniolupi, which have just won a Wallpaper* Design Award for Best Dip Dye.

The Italian bathroom specialist is continuously researching new ways to create more contemporary, more versatile and more efficient products. Its latest material innovation, dubbed Cristalmood for its transparency and sheen, is composed of a high-performance polyester resin in a glossy finish, which is combined with colouring pigments to create a rainbow of variations.

It has been used to produce a new edition of Carlo Colombo’s ‘Albume’ freestanding sinks, a design whose simple, totemic composition lends itself well to displaying the variations, with colours in the range including Ambra, Lime, Petrolio, Cobalto and Fumé. §

As originally featured in the February 2019 issue of Wallpaper* (W*239)