Light hearted: Lindsey Adelman Studio’s debut exhibition is full of bright sparks

Light hearted: Lindsey Adelman Studio’s debut exhibition is full of bright sparks

Monochromatic prints adorned the walls and patterned bean bags scattered the floor for the opening of ‘Afterglow’, a show hosted by Lindsey Adelman Studio. The exhibition marked the first of its kind for the studio, which debuted a new collection by its namesake, as well as members Mary Wallis and Karl Zahn.

The trio of new collections, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Kingdom’, and ‘Edie & Empire’ – designed by Adelman, Zahn and Wallis respectively – shared themes of organic growth and unexpected details through their own, unique lens.

Featuring hand-blown glass globes sprinkled in 24k gold foil, Adelman’s offering stems from one main metal appendage, draped in swaths of brass chain fringe. ‘I liked this idea of the “Cherry Bombs” being indulgent but minimal and light-handed, feeling spontaneous and kind of spare,’ says Adelman. ‘The branches are jagged and gnarly and awkward in a beautiful, unusual way.’

‘Cherry Bomb’ by Lindsey Adelman

Sister chandeliers ‘Edie & Empire’ – modeled after traditional Victorian lanterns with beveled glass shades – are attached to a geometric frame to create a kaleidoscope effect. With ‘Edie’, however, the glass breaks free beyond the frame, patterning outward.

The centrepiece of the show was a large, arching chandelier from Karl Zahn’s ‘Kingdom’ collection. Featuring egg-shaped bulbs and geometric hardware, the versatile light has its roots in the growth patterns of the Burro’s Tail plant. With a spine made of machined aluminium, it’s able to fully articulate to form a rational curvature.

All pieces in the collections are on view in Lindsey Adelman’s NoHo gallery space, where visitors can enjoy the installation on custom furnishings produced by Project 8 and Print All Over Me.

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