A dog eat dog world: meet the May issue’s four-legged cover star

A dog eat dog world: meet the May issue’s four-legged cover star

Dachshunds, so we are told, are the doggy du jour, the short and furry must-have accessory. Of course we like to stay au courant in all matters, canine included, so we decided to include a dash of dachshund on our May cover (W* 194), shot by Italian photographer, ToiletPaper co-founder and close friend of Wallpaper* Pierpaolo Ferrari.

As you can see, the excitement got to one of the short-legged charmers and the wee chap shot out a spectacular, but still somehow graceful, arc of pee pee, accompanied by a suitably sheepish look, given straight to camera. Luckily our leading lady’s outfit, and Pierpaolo’s equipment, survived unmoistened. And indeed Pierpaolo was quick-witted enough to capture and compose the moment perfectly. So perfectly in fact that we have decided to run with it, in a limited sense anyway, and use the image on the cover of some very special issues, available only at this year’s Wallpaper*/ToiletPaper Salone shindig, an undisputed heavyweight highlight of the week.

We also thought it might be nice to sit down with our sausage-shaped new friend and talk about life as a Wallpaper* cover star. 

Wallpaper*: Has appearing on the cover of Wallpaper* changed your life in anyway?
Wee man: Grrrrruff!

I guess you are probably are getting more attention from the lady dachshund these days?
Woof woof!

And how was working with Pierpaulo, is he good with animals?

What about the catering on the shoot? You must have enjoyed the catering?
Woof, slobber

And I hate to bring up the incident but I guess when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go?!

And finally, I guess this has taken your modeling career to a whole new level. Do you have representation?

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