Gallery Fumi makes LA debut with works from Max Lamb, Jeremy Anderson and more

Fumi LA is the London design gallery’s takeover of Sized Studio, marking its first major US show (until 9 March 2024)

Gallery Fumi LA
(Image credit: Courtesy of Sized Studio)

Gallery Fumi has crossed the pond to present a six-week exhibition in Los Angeles, California, coinciding with Frieze LA. Dubbed Fumi LA and on view until 9 March 2024, the exhibition is a takeover of Sized Studio in Melrose Hill. Building on its past US successes, from presentations at Salon Art+Design in New York, and Art Basel Design Miami to celebrating 15 years of Gallery Fumi’s boundary pushing design last year, Fumi LA will be its first major debut US show.

Gallery Fumi and Sized Studio

Works on display for Fumi LA at Sized Studio

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery Fumi and Sized Studio)

Fumi LA is a platform for a variety of artists and designers worldwide to display their craftsmanship. American ceramic artist Jeremy Anderson will show his fresh collection of pieces including an eye-catching chandelier installation, 'Space Relics', coupled with table lamps and four ‘Piccolo’ vases, while British duo Jamesplumb will show 'Copper Roots', a beautifully functional floor light.

Jeremy Anderson Space Relics 4 5 6 Glow

Jeremy Anderson, Space Relics 4 5 6, 2024

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery FUMI and Jeremy Anderson)

Design studio Voukenas Petrides, composed of Greek designer Andreas Voukenas and American architect Steven Petrides, showcases a bronze console and sculptural gypsum plaster mirror titled 'Volumetric Mirror 1'.

Spanish artist and designer Saelia Aparicio explores the physical presence and fragility of humanity with 'Esfinge Absorta', a powerful, monumental screen in the shape of a curled-up woman.

Saelia Aparicio, Esfinge Absorta 2023.

Saelia Aparicio, Esfinge Absorta screen, 2023 

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery FUMI and Saelia Aparicio)

Expect to also see works from 6:AM Glassworks, Leora Honeyman, Allan Collins, Francesco Perini, Rowan Mersh, Eelko Moorer, Tuomas Markunpoika, Johannes Nagel, Shinta Nakajima, Glithero, Kustaa Saksi, Jochen Holz, Jie Wu, Lukas Wegwerth ,Casey McCafferty, Sam Orlando Miller, and Study O Portable.

Voukenas Petrides, Cloud Side Table, 2023, Bronze

Voukenas Petrides, Cloud Side Table, 2023, bronze

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery FUMI and Voukenas Petrides)

Presenting Box 2 by Max Lamb

Max Lamb Box Chair, 2023

Max Lamb, BOX Chair (7), 2023

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery FUMI and Max Lamb)

Established in 2008 by Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo, Gallery Fumi's debut showcase in Los Angeles will also include 'BOX 2', an entirely sustainable collection by Max Lamb. This is the acclaimed artist and designer’s West Coast debut, and will reveal a design series including two tables, one side table, one coffee table, one console, thirteen chairs and one vessel constructed from sustainable cardboard – an extension to his recent presentation ‘BOX’, shown at Fumi in London in 2023. Exploring the world of craft, Lamb gives value to cardboard: utilising screws, bolts, paper gum and tape to resemble his creations, he elevates what is seen as a secondary material and transforms it into beautiful design and sculptural pieces.

Fumi LA: Max Lamb Box

Max Lamb, BOX Chair (33), 2023 

(Image credit: Courtesy of Gallery FUMI and Max Lamb)

‘With this new collection, ‘“BOX 2”, I am continuing to expand upon the works I have been creating, and drawing lessons from my previous experience,' Lamb explains. 'This ongoing process involves working with consistently varied cardboard as raw material, which naturally leads to greater diversity in my output and marks an evolution in my work.

‘My creative response is influenced by the constraints and possibilities presented by these 'boxes’, and I respond to the inherent qualities of each box I work with. As a result, I ensure that each box is employed thoughtfully and appropriately. Starting this new cycle of exploration, I have the advantage of my accumulated experience, and I will also draw inspiration from some of my past creations.’

Fumi LA is on view until 9 March 2024

BOX 2 by Max Lamb is on view from 19 Feb until 9 March 2024

Sized Studio
526 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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