Travis Scott and Byredo relaunch fragrance collaboration

Thank your lucky stars that the ‘Space Rage’ perfume and candle are available again

Travis Scott and Byredo 'Space Rage' candle and fragrance in blue and purple glass containers against image of the night sky
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There’s only a matter of hours, possibly minutes, potentially no time left at all if you’re hoping to purchase a candle or perfume from the Travis Scott and Byredo ‘Space Rage’ collaboration. 

The collection got restocked on Byredo’s website at 6:00 pm CET today, 19 January, and promises the same internet-breaking buying rush as the initial launch last month. The fragrance is the second space-inspired collaborative venture from Byredo, released soon after the Byredo makeup line developed alongside Isamaya Ffrench.

According to Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham, the ‘Space Rage’ eau de parfum and candle smells ‘literally like space’ with top notes of ‘cosmic dust’ and ‘antimatter particles,’ middle notes of ‘starlight’ and ‘the scent of supernova, and base notes of ‘atmospheric vapour.’ 

Only the lucky few who manage to purchase the scent will be able to distinguish what, exactly, that description means, but if it’s anything like the astronaut Don Pettit described the smell of space, it’s not far off from the odour of ‘pleasant, sweet-smelling welding fumes.’ 

Head to Byredo's website to see if there’s still a chance to purchase ‘Space Rage’ and decide for yourself. It might take a superstar to bottle the galaxy, but it is up to the public to decide if it’s really out of this world. §


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