Nothing is as fundamental to a healthy mind – and healthy skin – as a good snooze. Yet, it’s one of the curious paradoxes of the last year that while many of us are spending more time in our pajamas than ever, we’re getting less sleep than we have before.

So what’s the trick to a good night’s rest? Our bedtime edit is here to help you make the most of your nightly shuteye with high-tech body monitors to aromatherapy tinctures and soothing supplements. 


Offhours robe

Offhours homecoat robe in Red Rock Arizona inspired colours

Offhours is ‘inactive-wear’ brand. At least that’s what it calls itself since it’s adamantly not activewear and more inspired than ’sleepwear.’ Its first and, so far, only product is The Homecoat, an ultra-comfortable quilted robe that feels like wearing a duvet but looks a lot better. The fact that it’s unisex, machine-washable, and pocket-filled makes it all the more practical. 

Ahead of World Sleep Day, the brand has just launched the robe in a ‘Red Rock’ shade inspired by the terracotta hues of the Arizona desert with 5% of proceeds donated to The Arizona Wildlife Federation.

Kate Mcleod sleep stone

Kate Mcleod Sleep Stone solid moisturiser

Kate Mcleod’s ‘stones’ are solid moisturisers that instantly melt when they come into contact with the heat from skin. The stone types vary, with a Mama stone for children, a Naked Stone for intimate use, and a General Stone for everyday moisturisation. The stone’s vegan formulation of refined cocoa butter and sweet almond oil is ideal for irritated or ultra-dry skin. 

The brand’s Sleep Stone is subtly perfumed with a calming mixture of chamomile and lavender. It can be used all over the body for pre-sleep moisturisation or simply dabbed on wrists for instant aromatherapy. 

Jo Malone lavender candle 

jo malone townhouse collection white candle in lavender scent

A peaceful environment is key for effective sleep, and a candle is always the most obvious ambiance booster. Set the scene for dreams with Jo Malone’s Lilac Lavender & Lovage candle. One of the six scents that make up the brand’s new Townhouse Collection, this scent makes an ideal bedside companion with its calming combination of lavender and herby-fresh lovage.

Gingerlily silk pillowcase

white silk pillowcase by Gingerlily against grey background

Silk pillowcases are an age-old beauty trick. By absorbing less moisture than other fabrics, silk naturally combats hair frizz, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and works wonders for acne-suffers by preventing additional skin irritation and dirt build-up. Gingerlily’s pillowcases are made of mulberry silk which contains the same naturally occurring protein that exists in skin and hair, meaning the frictionless fabric keeps hair follicles flat and skin blemish-free.

Chanel nighttime fragrance

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle l’eau Privee in beige square bottle against grey background

Heighten the luxury of a silk pillowcase with a spritz of Chanel’s nighttime fragrance, Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Priveé. Almost twenty years since the creation of the original Coco Mademoiselle, L’Eau Priveé offers a warmer, subtler interpretation of the classic fragrance, particularly formulated for nighttime wear.

Anatomē sleep oil

Anatome sleep tincture with orange label in clear bottle

Wallpaper* Design Award winners, Anatomē create sleep-inducing products that cover everything from their signature supplements, to sleep masks and candles. We recommend them all, but particularly their aromatherapy tinctures designed with different scents that aid overactive minds, light sleepers, and insomniacs. Pair them with a cup of the brand’s ‘Recovery + Sleep’ loose leaf tea, a cozy blend of chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower.


Hästens sleep app

hastens restore app on two iphones against grey background

The transfixing glow of a phone screen is the most unhelpful kind of nightlight, and yet it’s a familiar presence for many in the hours before finally falling asleep. Yet now, the Hästens Restore app transforms technology into an aid, rather than a hindrance, of good old fashioned shut-eye. The luxury Swedish mattress supplier has translated its sleep expertise into a series of instrumental soundtracks designed to enhance different moments of the day, from the first moments of waking up to the last seconds before you fall asleep.

Oura sleep monitor ring 

silver oura ring with sensors inside against grey background

The recently launched Oura ring offers an even more high-tech antidote to sleep problems. The ring’s unassuming metal exterior conceals a complex network of micro-sensors that monitor body signals like body temperature and respiratory rate to generate an in-depth sleep profile. Upon waking, users can check the Oura app for a breakdown of their sleep time, sleep latency (how long it takes to fall asleep), and sleep efficiency. After a few weeks, the ring offers insight on your optimal sleep time and ‘readiness’ scores that estimate how the previous evenings’ sleep will impact your day.


The Seated Queen cold cream

The Seated Queen cold cream in white packaging against grey background

Cold creams might seem like a beauty practice of the past, but there’s a reason your grandma used them and there’s a reason you should too. The Seated Queen seeks to upend common perceptions of cold cream with their trendy visuals and sustainable production practices. This one product only brand creates their signature cream with a combination of essential and cold-pressed seed oils, to provide a relaxing, cool to the touch sensation upon application. Just like the cold creams of yesteryear, it’s a versatile product that can be used as a makeup remover, facial mask, or overnight mask.

 The Nue Co. magnesium spray

The Nue Co. magnesium spray in brown bottle against grey background

The Nue Co. Magnesium Ease spray combats the common problem of magnesium deficiency with a blend of high-concentrate magnesium chloride, calming lavender, and anti-inflammatory arnica oil. Magnesium deficiency has been connected to poor sleep quality, muscle cramps, and nerve pain. A simple spritz of Nue Co.’s spray delivers 45mg of magnesium that is instantly absorbed through the skin, relaxing tension and preparing the body for rest.


Votary sleep supplements

votary super sleep supplements in brown bottle against grey background

English skincare brand Votary knows that a healthy completion is impossible without some quality shut-eye. For those who struggle to achieve beauty sleep, the brand has created a ‘Super Sleep’ supplement with serotonin-producing L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine, as well as lemon balm and magnesium for natural relaxation.

Mineral sleep CBD

Sleep tincture by Mineral in brown glass bottle with black label

For a plant-based option, Mineral’s Sleep tincture blends CBD with notes of cedarwood and Californian pine to conjure up the sensation of sleeping among the Redwoods from the comfort of your mattress.