Haeckels revolutionizes skincare with grown-to-order face masks

Haeckels grows a new kind of skin care with its Bio Restore Membrane

Bio Restore Membrane
(Image credit: Haeckels)

Months after winning a Wallpaper* Design Award for their innovative mycelium and seed-paper packaging, Haeckels is once again reshaping the future of sustainable beauty. The Margate (UK) based wellness brand has just launched its Bio Restore Membrane, a grown-to-order eye mask that is designed to be completely zero waste — from the product itself to the packaging it comes in. 

Haeckels mask

(Image credit: Haeckels)

The Bio Restore Membrane is the apex of Haeckels mission to create skincare that honours the environment without sacrificing the effectiveness of its formulas or compromising on the aesthetics of its packaging. The masks are made of an ultra-hydrating jellied seaweed substance known as agar, which is blended with soothing aloe vera and plumping hyaluronic acid.

This all-natural mixture is then left to grow for three weeks before is sent off for use in an 18 pack, or one month’s worth, set. Customers can track the life of their unique face mask with weekly email updates from the Haeckels team that let them know when the membrane has been created and how it’s growing. 


(Image credit: Haeckels)

2020 has seen the beauty industry come under even greater scrutiny for wasteful production practices. Plastic-heavy packaging is still the norm and the demand for many products is far less than what is actually produced, meaning that a countless number of products go to waste. Haeckels' eyemasks buck this trend and, in doing so, lay the groundwork for brands to come.


(Image credit: Haeckels)

By making a product that is made to order, Haeckels does it's best to ensure that nothing is created that will not be used. When a set of eyemasks is finished, users can order a new batch that eliminates the need for additional packaging by coming in a compostable glassine sack. The end result is a product that is entirely plastic-free and completely compostable. 

The future of beauty is here and it's right under your eyes.



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