Gucci plants Martin Parr’s lip print on walls around the world

Gucci Beauty's latest ArtWalls have kissed the side of buildings in New York, Mexico City, London, and Milan. Here, tour them all and visit our favourite local spots along the way

red lips on the side of a wall in New York City
Gucci Beauty ArtWall 006, in New York City.
(Image credit: Courtesy Colossal Media)

Gucci Beauty debuts a series of ArtWalls in cities around the world. Each wall displays an original Martin Parr image of giant, smiling lips, adorned with Gucci’s Rouge à Lèvres Satin 25 lipstick in ‘Goldie Red’. 

With slightly smudged lipstick and a snaggle toothed grin, ArtWalls proclaim the celebratory ethos of Gucci Beauty. Makeup, these lips say, should be used to express yourself, not perfect yourself. With a varied roster of lipsticks to their name, and more products to come, Gucci Beauty makes it fun to make yourself beautiful – whatever that means to you. 

Word of mouth: follow our quick guide to the best spots in each city for showing off your own Gucci lips

Lafayette Street, New York

red lips on the side of a wall in New York City

(Image credit: Gucci)

Wallpaper’s 2020 Best City is filled with an endless array of places to visit, but we suggest stopping by the Judd Foundation after seeing the nearby ArtWall on Lafayette. Pay homage to the artist’s famous red aluminium sculptures with a metallic take on ‘Goldie Red’ from Gucci Beauty’s Rouge à Lèvres Gothique lipstick collection. 

Avenida de Michoacán, Mexico City

billboard displaying smiling red lips is situated above a cafe

(Image credit: Gucci)

Evoke the pastel pinks of architect Luis Barragan’s Mexico City home with ‘Patricia Pink’ matte lipstick. Now a musuem, Barragan's home is a stunning testament to modernist design only a neighbourhood away from the Gucci Beauty ArtWall on Avenida de Michoacán. 

Brick Lane, London

painting of red lips on a London wall

(Image credit: Gucci)

Brown’s hue-related name is hardly reflected in the eclectic collection of high-end clothing and accessory’s it purveys, but sometimes it’s fun to be literal. Wear the clay-coloured ‘Tacey Hazel' matte lipstick to the store’s East End outlet after visiting the nearby Brick Lane ArtWall. 

Largo la Foppa, Milan

large painting of red lips on the side of a building

(Image credit: Gucci)

10 Coso Como’s iconic black and white logo can be found throughout the gallery, restaurant, and sartorial displays of the groundbreaking concept shop. Take inspiration from the environs by wearing Gucci Beauty’s ‘Crystal Black' lipstick as you pursue the space, only a short walk from the Largo la Foppa ArtWall.


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