It’s been a few months in the making, but the second to last installment of Prada’s Transformer tenure begins this month.
Taking residence in Rem Koolhas’s shape-shifting structure, a new exhibition of artwork from installation artist Nathalie Djurberg will begin the end of the Transformer’s six months in Seoul.

prada transformer

Take a look inside the Transformer’s final installment - an exhibtion of work by artist Nathalie Djurberg
Following on from Miuccia Prada’s Waist-Down skirt exhibition and a filmic installation from Oscar-nominated director Alejandro Gonzales- Djurberg’s outing will be the first and final high art showing in the transformer before its current rotation comes to an end in September.
Best-known for her bizarre stop-motion animations, Berlin-based, Swedish born Djurberg will fill the cruciform configuration of the Transformer. Producing a gigantic cave-like installation, Djurberg has plastered the tent-like walls with swathes of undulating white felt, and the floor with densely padded grey layers.
Awarded the coveted Silver Lion award for the best young artist at this years Venice Biennale, Djurberg’s Transformer installation, Turn into me, will be complimented by a series of animations, evoking a dark and sexually degenerate plasticine reality with an underlying sense of childlike irony.
Projected at full size onto two screens within the transformer, the films come accompanied by a series of sculptures, shown last year at the Fondazione Prada in Milan. Featuring giant caves, a potato and two small whales produced in Djurberg’s signature rudimentary style, the sculptures pay surprising compliment to Prada’s high-styled aesthetic.
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