Since Carlo Brandelli founded Squire in the early 1990s - his former Mayfair design studio-cum-gallery (see W*1) - he has always been something of a bridge between creative disciplines. So it seems a natural step that the former Kilgour creative director should now turn his hand to sculpture.
On show at RCM Galerie in Paris, Brandelli’s new series of fractured travertine marble columns, embellished with gold, have a stark beauty. Brandelli cuts the stone for each unique piece - quarried near Rome - in varying sizes and dimensions, and meticulously applies the gold to its hairline cracks, which have been formed over thousands of years.
Titled ’Permanence’, this exhibition is part of a new direction for Brandelli since leaving Kilgour. He has recently established Carlo Brandelli Studio - based at his modernist house near Milan (see W*127) - whose projects span many creative fields.
Brandelli, who has always despised fashion brands that ’roll things out just for the sake of it’, will be focusing on the limited edition and the one-off. But this is his first decisively artistic venture.