When we first approached photographer Masataka Nakano to shoot the city of Kyoto for our W*122 Trip we knew that we could rely on his super-scale photographic vision to produce something rather special.

Masataka Nakano

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And we weren’t disappointed – muted, sparse and intensely attentive, Nakano demonstrates a faultless photographic aptitude when it comes to space, light and form.
Channelling the vacant urban immensity of his Tokyo Nobody series from 1996 – Nakano’s Kyoto vision is a quiet contemplation on some of Kyoto’s key landmarks and lesser-known locales.
Multi-award winning and renowned both in his home city of Tokyo and further afield, Nakano perfectly complemented our Trip writer, Geoff Dyer’s perspective on the temple-littered (both ancient and contemporary) city of Kyoto.
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