One of the most significant pioneers of the art and design fusion movement is Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. Working from her studio, Jongeriuslab in Rotterdam, Jongerius’s work is a culmination of technological experimentation, craftsmanship and general innovation. Opening this month In Paris’s Galerie Kreo, her latest solo exhibition looks set to offer a glimpse into the Dutch didact’s creative vision.

hella Jognerius

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Straddling the area somewhere between artistry and functionality, Jongerius’s series of Animal Furniture features pieces straight from the pages of a children’s’ book. With a gigantic, exquisitely carved frog climbing out of a table, and a marble tortoise taking the central role in a side-table-cum-fruit-bowl, we were kept truly mesmerised.
Along with the Animal Furniture, Jongerius’s series of Artificial Flowers are also on show. The handmade flora - constructed from an unexpected selection of materials, including leather, paper and wood – are both jarringly childlike and exceedingly subtle. The industrial, found-object quality of the flowers conceals the craftsmanship integral to their construction.
The potent mix of experimentation, artistry and imagination that fuels Jongerius’s creative process has helped to produce pieces destined for both the plinths of a gallery and the floors of a home – proving that art, design or somewhere inbetween, Jongerius’s work is nothing if not adaptable.