Through sculpture, photography and painting, French artist Xavier Veilhan transforms the mundane into something arresting. His 2009 sculpture of steel horses galloping across the cobblestones of Versailles displays not just a firm grasp of history and drama, but also of anatomy and the physics of motion. This sense for the transformative is also evident in the kitchen. His crouton omelette is based on nothing more than day-old bread and yet it is, he says, ‘the most comforting, the kind of dish you prepare on Sunday evenings when there’s nothing left in the fridge’. Nothing except imagination.


Not only easy to make, but also very heartening to savour!

Heat on medium heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan.
Flip in the dry bread croutons.
Once the croutons become a crispy golden brown, add the battered eggs.
Add some parsley.
Make sure to serve the omelette moist and juicy!

This dish is very compatible with truffles.

As originally featured in the April 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*217)