The Brazilian architectural landscape may seem newly formed compared to that of Europe or Asia, but this doesn’t stop it from being as diverse and multi-levelled as it is culturally rich. Combining the syntax of the different nationalities swept in by the tide of immigration over the past two centuries, the architectural language is intricate and incorporates everything from traditional local building techniques to colonial architecture and the legacy of the International Style.

Indeed, fuelled by that hedonistic combination of climate and culture, a more organic Brazilian-styled modernism has emerged in which the new has been embraced without reservation, while one eye is kept firmly cocked at the country’s modernist stockpile.

Fittingly, for Wallpaper’s ’Born in Brazil’ issue, we assembled a panel drawn from the country’s finest living architects to discuss the common thread of contemporary Brazilian architecture. Here, we show you some of their most seminal work, plus chat to several members of the panel about the changing architectural landscape of this extraordinary country.