Arthur Casas book explores the Brazilian architect’s elegant modernism

Arthur Casas’ book chronicles the houses, hotels and retail spaces the Brazilian architect has shaped around the world

Studio Arthur Casas book by Rizzoli New York
(Image credit: Ana Dora)

A new Arthur Casas book celebrates the Brazilian architect's spectacular architecture, giving it space to breathe in a bespoke monograph from Rizzoli New York. Featuring photography by Wallpaper* favourite Fernando Guerra, as well as Filippo Bamberghi, the book covers 20 contemporary works in richly illustrated detail. 

Hand turns pages of Studio Arthur Casas Monograph, Rizzoli New York

(Image credit: Ana Dora)

Inside the new Arthur Casas book

Casas has enjoyed a long and illustrious career, working out of offices in São Paulo and New York to create over 500 distinctive modern works, ranging from stores and hotels to a series of beautiful villas, apartments and beach houses, as well as bespoke and commercial furniture projects. Schemes such as his BD House and the +55design store are cases in point. 

Rio apartment featured in Studio Arthur Casas Monograph, Rizzoli New York

RS Apartment, Rio de Janeiro, 2019

(Image credit: Filippo Bamberghi)

A Casas project covers all bases, and the lengths to which the studio will go to create the perfect habitat or space is in evidence here, with meticulously co-ordinated palettes of forms and materials giving each project a distinctive aesthetic.

House amid forest from Studio Arthur Casas Monograph, Rizzoli New York

LAB House, Guarujá, 2008-2021

(Image credit: Fernando Guerra)

Of particular importance is the relationship between hard-edged interior forms and the dynamic richness of external planting and natural landscapes, especially evident in Casas’ own house in Bertioga, Brazil. Greenery also plays a vital role in larger urban projects, where balcony planters are used to modulate the relationship between living spaces and the city skyline beyond.

Deck outside open house amid trees in Studio Arthur Casas Monograph, Rizzoli New York

AC House, Bertioga, 2004-2005

(Image credit: Fernando Guerra)

Casas was born and raised in São Paulo and maintains a strong interest in craft processes and construction. The studio’s diverse range of furniture, chronicled here, often arises out of specific projects and locations: choosing and designing furniture is integral to the brief.

Stacked copies of Studio Arthur Casas Monograph, Rizzoli New York

(Image credit: Ana Dora)

Arthur Casas. Architecture, Livia Debbane, Rizzoli New York, $70

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