Architect Charles Correa’s works go on show at the RIBA in London

Architect Charles Correa’s works go on show at the RIBA in London

To celebrate Charles Correa’s bequest of over 6000 of his drawings to RIBA’s British Architectural Library, the London-based insitute is mounting an exhibition that promises a unique view into the iconic Indian architect’s oeuvre.

Curated by Dr Irena Murray (Sir Banister Fletcher director, as well as director of research at the RIBA British Architectural Library), Charles Correa: India’s Greatest Architect is designed by David Adjaye and is the first major UK show focusing on the multi-award-winning architect. Correa’s considerable body of work includes landmark projects, such as the Kanchanjunga apartments in Mumbai, and is known for uniting modernist principles with India’s rich traditions, climate and sense of place.

The show features several of Correa’s sketches and drawings, architectural models, photography and film. The RIBA’s Gallery 1 will focus on built work, while Gallery 2 will present a look into urban design projects, providing ample food for thought. Running in parallel to the exhibition, the Out of India season of talks and events will delve deeper into India’s architecture. The program includes a public lecture by the man himself on the 15 May.  

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