We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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Alberto Biagetti / Venini

From Alberto Biagetti's 'Edi' collection of lights, this table lamp was conceived and designed as real light bulbs, but with a twist. Here, the filament has been replaced with a piece of sculptural glass constructed from multi-coloured Murano glass canes, which offer soft tones to the LED light.

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'Vic' chair

Patrick Norguet / Pedrali

Patrick Norguet’s chair mixes discreet sophistication with an inviting cocoon-like quality. Echoing midcentury forms, the chairs are upholstered in leather or fabric (the version pictured here is in olive green leather) and feature a base of bleached ash, black- or grey-stained beech, or oak.


Carsten Gollnick / Schönbuch

Never lose a letter again: as part of the Hesperide collection, designed by Berlin-based Carsten Gollnick for German manufacturer Schönbuch, this oiled walnut letter-sorter is the perfect entrance area accessory. Keeping neat and tidy has never looked so good.

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Joe Doucet / Nude
From £72

Taking its cues from the tradition of Scottish whiskey, this new collection from Turkish glass manufacturer Nude is imbued with the etchings of a Tartan pattern. Designed by New York-based Joe Doucet, the glasses and decanters are characterised by a heavy base leading to refined rim. The eloquent glass collection is pared with a contrasting yet grandeur marble stopper, taking pride of place in any luxury drinks cove.


Piero Lissoni / Lema
Price on request

Piero Lissoni’s latest contribution to the refined ‘Lema’ collection comes in the shape of a bed with an oversized headboard that doubles as a screen or alcove. Shown here in a sensual blue velvet, it is also available in fabric and leather upholstery versions.

Studioilse w084t2

Ilse Crawford / Wästberg

Born of a collaboration between eminent Swedish design-house, Wästberg, and coveted British designer, Ilse Crawford, this unique table lamp with NL plug utilises – alongside years of impressive design innovation – the power of materials to evoke sensory and emotional responses in the viewer. Sand-casted iron, treated with a burnt vegetable oil, is used to portray a sense of stability, reliability and trust. Beech wood gives an impression of warmth and life, while mineral plastic has been specially chosen for its intimate glow and tactility. In collaboration, these materials and the designers behind their marriage, bring to the surface a unique concept of beauty within the visceral realm of interior accessories.

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Rodolfo Dordoni / MDF Italia

Instilling flexibility into the workhorse cupboard, Rodolfo Dordoni’s ‘Heron’ series, for Milan-based MDF Italia, features a light construction that can be customised with a combination of perforated and solid panels, glass elements, shelves, and doors, in varying colours and permutations. The main structure comes in either matt white or matt grey, while the back panels come in a range of six colours, including dark red, okra yellow and petrol blue, alongside white and grey. ‘A rational architecture on a domestic scale,’ says the designer about his latest effort. ‘An atypical storage unit project, at least for me. A new experience.’


RDAI / Hermès

The luxurious modular daybed, with ‘Meridienne’ mattress, from Rena Dumas’ design studio, features 15 removeable cushions in fawn bull calf, supported by a maple structure.


Studiopepe / Menu

Designed by Milanese agency Studiopepe, this stylish marble mirror takes its cues from the aesthetic of late 1950s Italy, which favoured clean lines and precious materials. Influenced by the works of masters such as Gio Ponti and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Studiopepe has created an object for everyday use that will age beautifully and last forever. It is available here in white or black marble, and made for Danish design brand Menu.

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Marconato & Zappa / Busnelli

Designed by Marconato & Zappa, an interior design and architect practice based in Como, in northern Italy, the ‘Stardust’ desk forms part of a bedroom set that also includes a bed, a side table and a series of poufs. Supported by a metal structure, which is available in either a gold or antique finish, the desk features a slim wooden top and two drawers and is lined with a luxurious leather, available in a variety of shades. The same leather finish is used to line the drawers and the recessed tray on the desktop, making the ‘Stardust’ a sophisticated yet functional marvel.



Designed by Arcahorn’s creative director, Filippo Dini, this pair of bookends consists of two lacquered wood blocks – each the size and shape of a small coffee table book – on sleek stainless steel bases. Each of their edges has been adorned with two pieces of finely polished dark horn. Part of Arcahorn’s gift collection, the bookends are handmade in Italy by the brand’s skilled craftsmen.

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Antonio Citterio / B&B Italia

Citterio’s new sofa collection, encompassing armchairs and corner modules, features geometrically sinuous lines, a wide seat and high backrest to enhance comfort and offer ergonomic support. A slight curvature expresses the concept of embrace, but also creates the perfect place for conversation.

'Gio Ponti' Luxury nickel black centrepiece


This contemporary centrepiece is made up of two bowls that can be combined to create a complete sphere. When separated, each nickel black-coated stainless steel component can be upturned and balanced on its foot, and used to hold fruit or flowers. When joined together, they form an eye-catching sculpture that will elevate any living space.

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'Time Maze'

Daniel Libeskind / Alessi

Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind is no stranger to designing furniture, and his portfolio includes a sofa for Flexform and a bookcase for Poliform. This year, Libeskind worked with Alessi to create a striking wall clock that echoes the sharp corners and erratic lines of his visionary architecture. Eschewing traditional clock-face designs, the architect chose instead to focus on a continuous line, in red epoxy resin-coated stainless steel, tangled into an angular maze and complemented by a black circular mechanism with black hour and minute hands. Turning time on its head, the clock can be hung in any orientation.

'Moon' bowl

Ilona Van Den Bergh

Belgian designer Ilona Van den Bergh creates these stunning ceramic bowls by casting them into half-spherical plaster moulds and then reshaping them while still pliable. Each circular piece is worked by hand to shape a gentle indentation across the curved surface before being fired to fix its final shape. The resulting one-offs are available in four different colours and three different sizes.

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Marcel Wanders / Poliform
Price on request

We are used to a decorative design stance from Marcel Wanders, so we were pleasantly surprised to lay eyes on something more minimal. His ‘Theca’ series is a family of modest, rigorous sideboards with an aesthetic that plays on the contrast between solid and vacant space. Combining opaque and shiny surfaces, transparent volumes and blocky elements, the collection includes low and tall cabinets imagined for drinks and home entertainment. As well as creating an enticing design that includes asymmetrical compositions of fumed glass and elm, Wanders has also developed the cabinets’ interiors to give them a more practical function, equipping them with removable trays, electrically-wired compartments, drawers and bottle holders.


Seem Soap

At once inspiring and challenging, Seem Soap's 'Paradoxe' collection applies the careful consideration of product design to an everyday, often forgotten object. Made with a vegetable soap base and formulated with natural ingredients and pigments, 'Paradoxe N°1' is both fragrance- and allergen-free. Green tea scented, the soap is ergonomically shaped to fit the hand with ease, while layers of colour ensure this often overlooked item will never go unnoticed.

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Dan Yeffet / Veronese
From €1950

Paris-based Dan Yeffet presents this subtle lighting fixture that merges two elegant materials: Murano glass and marble. Shaping the piece as if a refined vessel, the symmetrical model hones in on the quality of the materials with sleek curves and its circular grey or tobacco edges. The minimalist design allows for its size to get experimental with a colossal version available at 111cm, making 'Highlight' an ornamental addition to the room.


Sebastian Herkner / Linteloo
Price on request

German designer Sebastian Herkner adds to his collection of designs for Netherlands-based Linteloo's with these abstract ceramic tables. In-between coffee and side table size, the surface area is made up of a puzzle of geometric plates. Each model contains one plate with a refined detailing that resembles a japanese style sushi plate and encourages you to eat straight from the table.

'Brocca' jug


The Tuscan town of Empoli has long been associated with glassmaking, and for centuries the craft has been utilised to accommodate local necessities, such as to produce bottles for wine from nearby Chianti. The glass typically takes on a green hue, a result of the high levels of iron oxide found in local sand. This handblown collection by Eligo is made up of unique nuances, as well as clean, graceful lines.

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Visibility / Matter Made

A purely New York venture, these stools were released during design week in a collaboration between Visibility studio and Matter Made. The whimsical frames can be neatly stacked to devise snakes of tubular legs connecting together in the different tones, from neutral black, cream and grey to brighter green and blue. The studio has titled the stool 'Champ' as its frame is reminiscent of a champagne cage shape, here enlarged into its contemporary form that is seamless and lightweight.

Banano 1


The 'Banano Leaf' collection is a series of ceramic plates shaped like banana leaves, each one accurately detailing the fine intricacies of a leaf on its surface. Produced by the Venetian ceramic brand Bosa, the organic and refined plates can be both ornamental, or used as a platter for an elequent dinner party.

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Dimore Studio / Bitossi Ceramiche
Price on request

Dimore Studio delved into the rich history of Bitossi Ceramiche for their 2016 collaboration. Taking its cues from the Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi archive, they melded together brass and ceramics, a classic mix for their vases that they make contemporary with their abstract silhouette. Available in a strong contrasting palette of teal, black, red and pink, the playful sculptures can appear ornamental on a table setting, fitting anything from flowers to cutlery.


Bruno Jahara / Riva

A collaborative project between Brazilian brand Jahara and chef Ivan Ralston, 'Tuju' is a collection of gold-finished stainless steel tools made to harvest and serve food. Manufactured by Brazilian tableware brand Riva, each hand polished piece is organically shaped: the ergonomic form of each piece in this three-piece knife set make them both easy to use and beautiful to display.

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Tito Toso / Pedrali
From €325

Lightweight and contemporary, these newly designed tables by Tito Toso for Italian manufacturer Pedrali can neatly fit into any room environment. Available in an assortment of colours and materials, including marble and steel, in black, white and turquoise, the geometric pieces arrive in different heights with four trapezoidal steel rods holding up each of the square and round tops.


Julie Richoz / Louis Poulsen

Made for those with a large banqueting hall and epic high ceilings, this colossal pendant is the work of Swiss-French designer Julie Richoz, for Danish lighting wizards Louis Poulson. The architectural style structure is formed of six layered aluminium shades to reach its 800mm height. Realised in a purist white hue to keep the boldly large silhouette refined, its subtle curves allow the light to be altered creating shadows through the shade.

'India SV 1' vase

Utopia & Utility

Combining a striking trifecta of hand-blown Bohemian glass with high-quality brass and Finnish natural edge wood, Utopia & Utility's 'India SV 1' vase can be dissembled into separate, functional components, each with an equally compelling impact. Each organically formed part can be used independently as a singular vessel. When stacked, they present a sculptural container that is suited to holding floral arrangements or small household accessories.

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Tim Kerp / Pianca Spa

Technology melds with design for this coffee table by German designer Tim Kerp. Using lasers, the thick metal has been bent, cut and folded for a geometric finish. The masculine frames are available in an assortment of colours for a sophisticated addition to any modern space. 'Duetto' has been produced by Italian brand Pianca Spa and covered with epoxy paint and water-based varnishes for a sleek and slender finish. Photography: Chikako Harada


Linck Ceramics

Featuring all the hallmarks of Linck Ceramics — matt white finish, varying volumes and clean, sharp lines — the 'S222' bowl embodies the timeless aesthetic that the Swiss brand has built its name on. Designed by the Linck founder, Margrit Linck, the ceramic 'S222' vase is made at the brand's atelier in Bern, using traditional pottery techniques.

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Nojaa and Ojentaa

Mari Isopahkala
Price on request

A collection that takes its cues from the Dutch De Stijl movement, these playful wooden lights were designed by Helsinki-based designer Mari Isopahkala. The abstract sculptures are available in tall or short table version and all embody simple wooden silhouettes, with some of their angular planks painted in a pop and a contrasting pastel tone. Intended as lighting, but acting more as artistic decorations, their additional LEDs may not aid illumination, but lend to its whimsical framework for another dimension.