August 2014

The Handmade Issue

With five limited edition cover artworks


We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Latest additions


Sauna and steam bath

Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez / Klafs
From €20,000 each

Expert in the art of relaxation, German sauna, pool and spa accessory manufacturer Klafs is soothing body and mind with a pared back new sauna and steam room duo. Drawn up by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the freestanding, cubic cabins flter in plenty of natural light while offering seclusion from the outside world. The sauna (pictured) is composed of glass fronted by slatted hemlock, oak or walnut, while the all-white steam room, made of glass and quartz aglomerate, achieves a similar effect with opalescent strips across its front. To ensure minds are kept untroubled, all signs of technology are well concealed.

‘Flexinduction’ hob


We were, we will admit, slow to come around to the many virtues of the induction hob. Easy-to-clean functionality is all very well, but it hardly quickens the pulse. Real chefs, we thought, like real fame. We were, we will admit, wrong. A new range of induction hobs from German manufacturer Bosch, doesn’t just look the part, but offers 17 different heat settings, reaches working temperature faster than can conceivably be possible and brings a pan of water to the boil in half the time of a conventional gas burner. The watchword here is fexibility. The clue is in the name.

'Sine Tempore' kitchen system

From £1,600 per m

Making use of inlays, carvings, mosaics and a high degree of customisation, this kitchen series amounts to a virtually bespoke service. At its heart is a section added to the worktop, available in a range of aluminium, stainless steel or stone finishes (pictured). This can contain, or conceal, everything from a herb garden to all the essential kitchen equipment.

'P'7350' kitchen

Pogenpohl and Porsche Design Studio
Price on request

German brands Pogenpohl and Porsche Design Studio have joined forces to create the 'P'7340' kitchen. Porsche's subtle, masculine design aesthetic is clear to see. Kitchen elements can be slotted into an aluminium framework in any confguration, while the finishes - black-lacquer worktops, open-grained wood and anodised metallics - marry form and function.

'DF 461/460 Vario' dishwasher

From €2,070

Gaggenau has stripped back its new dishwasher collection to the realm of pure function. Concealed from view behind unit fronts, and available in two heights with various hinging options, these fully integrated machines offer almost limitless positional possibilities, while a new speed programme completes in under an hour.

'Xtend+' shelf unit

From £3,000 per unit

'Xtend+' is a wall-fitted aluminium shelving system with individually lit shelves, featuring remotely controlled horizontal slats that can be closed to form a smooth wall surface or opened entirely or partially, and individually, reimagining the space above the countertop. There's no need for a separate remote - the control app is available for your iPhone.

Sinkside tray

Konstantin Grcic / Laufen

Designers Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen have been testing the boundaries of Laufen's durable and malleable new ceramic-based material SaphirKeramik. Nguyen moulded it into paper thin curves for his sink unit, while Grcic's series of washbasins and sinkside trays (pictured) demonstrate how it adapts to graphic forms and decoration. The Sinkside trays will be launched in 2015.

'Il Bagno' collection

Roberto Lazzeroni / Antonio Lupi
From €4,800 for the composition pictured

Tuscan brand Antonio Lupi's new bathroom collection, 'Il Bagno' designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, transforms a typically clinical space into a homely sanctuary. Functional bathroom fittings have become furnishings with romantic lines, warm wood finishings, coloured lacquered surfaces and midcentury details. Lazzeroni has drawn on the brand's 50-year history to integrate classic, elegant aesthetics into the new collection, at times updating vintage designs, such as 1950s mirrors, with contemporary materials. The whole collection brings the look and feel of the living room to the bathroom and, as a result, encourages long, lingering ablutions.

'Nuage' extractor hood

Fabrizio Crisà / Elica
From £1,000

Elica practically invented the extractor hood as high art. But its latest collection, by Fabrizio Crisà, couldn't be more self-effacing. 'Nuage' is designed expressly to blend into the kitchen architecture, and the external panel can be covered with plasterboard, tiles or paint. Beneath the hood, both filter and vented versions are available, while LED strips ofier a natural, daytime lighting eifect.

'Controstampo' bathtub

Vittorio Venezia / Falper

Last year, Vittorio Venezia's 'Controstampo' moulded bathroom collection won first prize in the Falper-sponsored Cristalplant Design Contest. Now the Sicilian designer's bath and basin have made it into the catalogue of the Bologna-based bathroom specialist. The rusted Corten finish is obtained by oxidising metallic paint, which is then sealed with a transparent coating.

'Peg' mirror

Nendo / Cappellini

We often marvel at Nendo’s smart but simple design tricks. This year the studio expanded its 2013 ‘Peg’ collection, in which structures and surfaces are placed in conversation with each other as chair and table legs extend discreetly upwards into seats and tabletops. True to form, the ‘Peg’ mirror features a small hole that reveals a detail of its ash stand.

'Move' rocking chair

Rossella Pugliatti / Giorgetti

Rossella Pugliatti’s reinvention of the rocking chair for Giorgetti is in equal parts ambitious and delightful. In her sinuous design, two interlocking wooden structures combine to form the seat and the rocking base. Made of 30 pieces of solid ash, the chair is available in three finishes: natural, anthracite grey and walnut painted.