Panerai and Prada unite on a timely new watch strap collection

The Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon collaboration celebrates the Italian design codes of both brands

Panerai watches with fabric straps, from the Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon collaboration
(Image credit: Panerai)

Italian powerhouses Panerai and Prada have come together to create a chic new collection of watch straps, with the Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon collaboration pairing the regenerated nylon fabric with Panerai’s Luminor Due family of watches.

Panerai watch with pale pink fabric strap

(Image credit: Panerai)

‘The partnership between Panerai and Prada, two Italian brands leaders in the luxury sphere, embodies a shared vision for combining design, heritage and innovation,’ says Jean-Marc Pontroué, Panerai CEO. ‘Both brands have deep roots in traditional savoir-faire and a commitment to contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a quintessentially sophisticated timepiece emblem of individuality and self-expression. With Panerai's history of high-precision timepieces and Prada's legacy as a purveyor of modern luxury and beauty, the collaboration offers a strategic fit of both visions.’

Panerai watch with dark blue fabric strap

(Image credit: Panerai)

The straps come in a choice of hues, with iron grey and navy blue available for the 42mm case, and alabaster pink and cornflower grey for the 38mm. All feature the distinctive logos of both brands. 

Adds Pontroué: ‘The Luminor Due's design is emblematic of urban Italian sophistication – slim, light and sleek. These attributes align seamlessly with the minimalist yet functional essence of Prada's Re-Nylon strap. Furthermore, the clean and sustainable nature of the Re-Nylon material, derived from Econyl regenerated yarn, reflects a modern ethos. The watch's matte white sandwich dial, subtle inscriptions and elegant layout are complemented by the strap, making for a timepiece that is not only aesthetically cohesive but also represents a new conscious modern luxury.’

For now, the straps are only available on the Luminor Due models, as the most modern collection from the brand. ‘We felt it matched with Prada’s style,’ Pontroué says. ‘However, with our creative synergy, we are always open to exploring new artistic avenues. Stay tuned!’

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