These everyday hoops are made from recycled metals

Bar Jewellery’s new collection is both sustainable and chic, featuring everyday hoop earrings with a twist

Woman wearing simple gold oversized hoops
(Image credit: Bar Jewellery)

‘Each collection is inspired by purity of form, and has a bold, minimal feeling,’ says Bar Jewellery founder and creative director Sophie McKay of her sculptural designs, including these everyday hoops. The London-based brand puts a sustainable focus in line with this simple ethos at the heart of everything if does; pieces are created in its London or Bali-based factory, focusing on environmentally and ethically sound design practices.

With their coiled, fluid silhouettes, the pieces nod to the work of artists such as Terry Frost, with organic curves here drawn in precious metals. The classic hoop is rethought, looping back on itself and forming uneven circles that spiral through the ear and past the curve of the jaw. In some pieces, the circle is interrupted and becomes a twirl of gold or silver; in rings, it ties itself into textured and gleaming knots.

Woman wearing a thin silver hoop

(Image credit: Bar Jewellery)

‘I have always loved vintage jewellery, especially designs from the 1950s, antique Scandinavian silver pieces and modernist-style jewellery,’ McKay says. ‘This has always been an inspiration for me, and I often refer back to my own vintage collection as the starting point for new designs. Married with this is my love for art and architecture from the 1950s. This is a constant reference for me in my work and is definitely what drives Bar’s minimal aesthetic.’

It was crucial for McKay to combine these minimal influences with good quality, ethically sourced materials. Despite the challenges of finding recycled metals to work with – most silver is only partly recycled – it was worth the effort to ensure the sustainable result. ‘Being able to trace where the metal has come from, and ensure it has come to us through a supply chain with integrity and high ethical standards is vital,’ she adds. ‘We source our metal directly from a supplier who is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, so that we can create our collections with the confidence that our materials are responsibly sourced.’

Woman wearing gold hoop jewellery

(Image credit: Bar Jewellery)

Woman wearing thin gold hoop earrings

(Image credit: Bar Jewellery)



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