Interior view of a dining and seating area at Yök Casa + Cultura featuring a white ceiling with a fan and long pendant light and white and rustic walls. There is a round light wood dining table with glasses, light wood chairs, a side table with books and a floor lamp. The flooring is multicoloured and the tall glass doors have a wooden frame
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When the Luxembourg-born product designer Petz Scholtus met hotel manager Mari Rodríguez, she was finally able to leave her drafting board for a longed-for career in eco-tourism. The two purchased a trio of century-old townhouses in the Catalan Modernist tradition and knocked them through, installing a sustainable interior heavy on recycled woods and lighting, which work quietly against the original mosaics, frescoes and cornicing. They named the new inn for the Catalan ‘lloc’, meaning place, with a nod to the English ‘yolk’, a metaphor for the centre of things. The umlaut harkens back to Scholtus’s previous design brand, Pöko, just to reaffirm the team’s design credentials. On the rooftop terrace, the ‘cultura’ part of the experience comes into play, offering guests and locals alike a place to mingle far above the traditional tourist fray.

Interior view of a room at Yök Casa + Cultura featuring white walls, a white ceiling with decorative moulding and a white bed with white pillows, linen and a folded pile of towels. There are also silver coloured wall lamps, a multicoloured bedside table, multicoloured patterned flooring, a seat with a lamp and glass doors with a wooden frame

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Interior view of a room at Yök Casa + Cultura featuring white walls, white panel doors, a white ceiling with decorative moulding, multicoloured patterned flooring, a fireplace, a coffee table with a book, a sphere wall light, a photo in an oval frame and a off-white coloured rocking chair. There is also a partial view of another room with two chairs and tall windows

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