It was nine years ago that the strapping Belgian chef Emmanuel Stroobant and his comely wife Edina Hong opened Saint Pierre offering a lip-smacking French-Asian menu. Needless to say the restaurant was overdue for a makeover and earlier this year, the duo closed for six weeks to do just that.


Take a little look round the newly rennovated St Pierre
Designer Warren Foster-Brown has given the formerly austere space a jolt of old and new world glamour. The centerpiece bar is carved with layers of ash, and finished with ebony mirrors and black stainless steel. Rather cheekily the counter is imprinted with the come-hither smile of a courtesan from a 19th-century Peruvian impressionist painting.
But it’s the extensive molecular drinks and nibble menu that’s most riveting. Like a Kopitini martini, topped with cappuccino foam shot through with nitrogen, and matched with a lollipop of mirin marinated foie gras terrine; though we’re still pining over the panko crusted bouillabaisse mousse delicately scented with piquillos and basil.