Pink ice-cream counter with jars of toppings on shelving behind
(Image credit: ONI Stories)

In 1986, the Dudek family decided to partition the ground floor of their town square home in Szczucin, a small town in Poland’s south, and open an ice-cream parlour. Their MO was to use only natural, seasonal fruits and herbs harvested from the surrounding areas. 

And now, after 30 years of dishing out handmade ice-cream to two generations of appreciative locals, the family tapped Pigalopus to refresh their eponymous parlour.

Channelling a very grown-up Willy Wonka vibe, the Krakow-based studio has painted the bijou space in cosy shades of mauve and pink. Lacquered steel furniture and arched mobile planters are paired with doily edges that have been magnified into decorative strip panels for a thoroughly modern take on the old-fashioned ice-cream joint. 

Of course, the marquee attraction here remains the Dudek’s small but winning spread, every flavour still made according to closely guarded family recipes, including the bestselling cream and chocolate.

Alternative view featuring pink tables and chairs in front of a pink curve-topped screen hiding a mirror

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Dark green planter with pink table and chair in the background

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Ice-cream counter with a table and chair

(Image credit: ONI Stories)


13 Rynek Street


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