Located on the edge of the picturesque Warta River 300km west of Warsaw, Poznań is one of Poland’s oldest cities. No surprises then that its architecture, dating back at least a millennium, fields an arresting haul of Renaissance piles and proto-Prussian grandeur. In the midst of this Old World landscape, in central Poznań is ul. Taczaka, a French Renaissance stretch stuffed with bijoux cafés, bars and restaurants. In summer, both tables and crowds spill onto the street. The newest kid on the block, Źródło, is inconspicuously tucked away in the basement of a tenement house. Local architect Adam Wiercinski has invested the small bar with a raw industrial feel that’s entirely in keeping with the gentrified mood of the area, peeling back the surfaces to reveal original brick-work and floors. Textures of rusted metal, graphite hues with flashes of orange, raw MDF and trestle seats and tables made of rebar all add to the feeling of a space in transition. The scarcity of space also required Wiercinski to turn radiator covers into coat racks, while packing the bar’s collection of whiskies from around the world into tight shelves. With the arrival of winter, it all makes for a cosy evening fueled with warming Moscow Mules and Old Fashions, bruschetta and popcorn.