Dark pained walls with light ceiling, High back cushioned swivel chairs, couches and small coffee table
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From its origins as an Amsterdam upstart to its successful expansion in Glasgow and London, Citizen M's fifth property is a homecoming of sorts, and sees the hotel brand return to the Netherlands to take its place next to Rotterdam's Old Harbour. Unlike previous properties, the group this time collaborated with real estate developer Maasstede, although its characteristic affordable luxury ethos has still been retained. Blending functionality with effortless style, the hotel's concrete-clad lobby and open spaces have been decked out with Vitra furniture and are peppered with pieces by artists Gijs Frieling and Paul Beumer, while a series of shelves, occupied by thoughtfully curated objects and literature from Amsterdam bookstore Mendo, offer a candy shop for the artistically curious. Digital check-in and a 24-hour communal canteen offer convenience that extends to the rooms, each equipped with a super king-size bed and a rain shower. In addition to new properties in London, CEO Rattan Chadha is expanding to New York, Paris and South-East Asia.

Wooden spiral staircase with tree/bench as feature piece

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Gelderse Plein 50
Rotterdam 3011 WZ