restaurant with wooden tables, benches and view into kitchen
(Image credit: Daici Ano)

Chef Koichi Hashimoto’s newly launched restaurant, Celaravird, in residential Yoyogi Uehara, has already gathered quite a following. After training in the kitchens of El Bulli and Martín Berasategui in Spain, Hashimoto was head chef at the acclaimed molecular tapas bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo before going solo. Expect a playful and experimental dining experience with origami-folded celeriac cranes, transparent potato chips and Kyoto carrot macarons. To guarantee that taste follows the high level of technique, Hashimoto has travelled around Japan to source the best possible ingredients, such as freerange lamb from Hokkaido, artisan cheese from Ferme Shimizu in Nagano and organic greens from taiyo-to-ame farm in Gunma. Just before opening, Hashimoto also spent a month a Noma in Copenhagen and the Nordic influence is immediately visible in the cozy understated interior with ample use of wood and Wegner chairs. With only 14 seats, the restaurant fills up quickly and is usually fully booked up to two months in advance, so be sure to call early to secure your seat.

small restaurant dining area with view to door with wooden tables and benches

(Image credit: Daici Ano)


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