Pisacco — Milan, Italy

Restaurant with a neutral interior and huge windows that let in a lot of light, complete with brick ceilings in white.
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Finding good lighting and a well-appointed interior in a Milan restaurant used to be a sure-fire sign the food would be miserable. Thankfully, that old rule of thumb is starting to break down. At Pisacco, a new restaurant-bar in the cool-ish Brera district, the lovely wood scheme featuring furniture from new brand Discipline and electrical 'bouquet' lighting is equally matched by a no-frills menu of homespun specialties. Overseen by Michelin-starred chef Andrea Berton, the kitchen prepares fresh, seasonal, unfussy fare like Papa al pomodoro, Guancia di Manzo and risotto al Milanese. The light, open two-storey space doubles as an aperitivo joint from around 7pm, but the real deal here are the meals - none of which top 15 euros.

Restaurant with a neutral interior, huge print on the wall as a center piece, complete with brick ceilings in white.

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View of the bar in the restaurant with large white countertops, high ceilings with long bar lights in black, and metal and wood bar stools.

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View of the entry to a restaurant, with wood details, and a large table with green suede stools that sits 10 people.

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Via Solferino 48

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