With a resume including a stint at El Celler de Can Roca and his own acclaimed Lima-based flagship Mayta, Peruvian chef Jaime Pesaque’s career shows no sign of abating. It’s appropriate then, that the 10th restaurant in his burgeoning empire happens to be Milan’s first Peruvian eatery. Located in Milan’s Brera district on the site of a former bakery, its stylish interior is awash with oceanic influences courtesy of Italian designer Marsica Fossati – Venetian solar blinds mimic the cabin of a ship, while round mirrors are shaped like maritime portholes. Hermès wallpaper and plush velvet seating create a frisson of texture and a louche elegance best enjoyed at night, all wrapped in the designer’s inimitable palette of deep blues, cool greys and chic gold accents. A hit with even the most discerning of Milan’s diners, the restaurant’s private Submarine room makes an intimate setting to enjoy the kitchen’s signature selection of flavourful tiraditos and ceviches.