Ergon House — Athens, Greece

Ergon House hotel guestroom, Athens, Greece
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The family business Thomas and George Douzis started in 2011 to promote small-scale Greek producers, has a new mission. Just off Syntagma Square, Ergon House bills itself as a ‘Foodie hotel’, an intriguing combination of food market, restaurant and bar, with a 38-room hotel, gym and rooftop terrace. Communal kitchens permit guests to turn produce into meals, while lounges encourage sharing.

Local studio, USP Architecture, which has collaborated with Ergon before, including on its London branch, perform sophisticated tricks with raised beds, room dividers, plentiful wood, and a muted palette; Japanese Onsen chic, with a minute hint of Deco.

Rooms are compact but boast sweeping views of central Athens and the Parthenon through full-size windows, double-glazed to keep the buzz at bay. Come for lunch, stay for a drink, then spend the night and pick up a treat as you leave, Ergon House is a contemporary invitation to classical excess.

Shot of guestroom showing entrance to room & large bed

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Guestroom with desk & shelves on lower half and bed & sofas on upper half

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Guestroom with bed on upper half

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Food market of Ergon House Hotel

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Restaurant of Ergon House Hotel

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23 Mitropoleos Street
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