If sophisticated flamboyance ever was a thing, then Yeeels, a new Parisian restaurant and bar, has got it spot on. The result of a collaboration between local architects Rodolphe Parente and Benjamin Liatoud, the space is confidently strewn with all the plush materials one now instinctively associates with modern luxury — brushed brass, ceramic, onyx, marble and mirrored surfaces — while the walls are awash with subtle tones of cream, grey and cognac. Merging the aesthetics of 1920s New York with that of a quintessential Parisian salon, the venues labyrinthine setup over two floors, lends itself to various nooks to be explored, from the ’Sparkling’  to the slightly more ambiguous ’Diamond’ rooms. The ground floor is home to the restaurant, classically lined with thick velvet rugs laid over black Marquina marble flooring, while royal blue banquets provide locals with the perfect vantage point to see (and be seen). A central staircase, composed from folding brass screens, leads to the first floor Jewelry Box bar, a visual feast where the centrepiece is an illuminated hunk of onyx and brass from which drink are served.