Arctic Treehouse Hotel — Rovaniemi, Finland

Treehouse in finland
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An arctic theme park is not, perhaps, a usual holiday spot for Wallpaper*, but tucked away in a woodsy corner of the vast grounds of Rovaniemi’s SantaPark Arctic World is the surprisingly sleek Arctic Treehouse Hotel.

Raised above the gentle slope of Syväsen hill on slender struts, the 32 log-like cabins, clad in rough-hewn shingles, are the work of Helsinki-based Studio Puisto. The warm interiors are lined in blond timber and oiled oak parquet floors, and furnished with low-slung wire chairs swathed in fur and a blizzard of white linen. The bedrooms are framed by large windows and have views of the forest which, in summer, is festooned with lingonberries and cloudberries bushes.

Cleaving close to the Nordic playbook, at Rakas restaurant, chef Jonathan Guppy serves fillet of wild reindeer with forest mushrooms, and sea buckthorn curd scented with juniper and pine – a perfect prelude, especially in winter, for a turn-down with the Northern Lights to lull you to sleep.

Snow dust in Finland

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Tree house hotels in Arctic

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Interiors of Arctic tree house hotels

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window view from treehouse hotel

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Bedroom at Arctic treehouse

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Modern interior hotels in Finland

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Interior lighting at Arctic treehouse

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Arctic Treehouse, Finland

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