Creating a party venue can be a tricky balancing act between executing an intimate space while avoiding claustrophobic elbow clashes during terpsichorean manoeuvres. For her latest work in the newly opened Club Le’Roy in downtown Helsinki, Finnish-born interior designer Joanna Laajisto has converted the entire second floor of a late 19th-century pile designed by Karl August Wrede into a spacious nightclub and cocktail lounge. Wisely, Laajisto has kept the bones of the space for her conceit – an airy apartment framed by generously proportioned windows, stained timber floors and grey panelled walls – while furnishing it with a black marbled bar, brass railings and pendant lamps, and green velvet sofas from B&B Italia. Our tip: dine on ox tartare and lobster in the ground floor restaurant Michel, before shimmying upstairs to dance till dawn.