Testaurant Scotts Fish & Chips exterior
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Having magnetised waves of Chinese tourists to its original base in Bilborough, near York, the thoroughly British Scotts Fish & Chips has set its sights on Chengdu, making the unorthodox leap to China for the opening of its second venue.

It’s a long way from home, a distance punctuated by the fact that the sister outpost’s aesthetic is the modern vision of Unknown Works, a London- and Hong Kong-based design and research studio. Led by three dimensional scans of fish and chip shops across the United Kingdom — including the original Scotts — the studio has channelled a series of textures, patinas, interiors and exteriors into this creative interpretation of the chippy, located in the upmarket Taikoo Li shopping district.

With space at a premium, this contemporary reimagination sees every facet of the venue utilised to full effect. The shop’s façade is maximised via a series of expandable foldouts that sees the alabaster white exterior transform into integrated furniture by way of movable screens that reveal unfolding tables.

Inside, simple white floor-to-ceiling grid tiling bears the name of the outlet in fluorescent tube lighting, while a customer-facing counter gives visitors full view of the preparation of food: faithful replications of Scotts’ original Yorkshire recipes created using sustainable, high-quality fish. The result? A wholly contemporary spin on a British classic, with no compromise on authenticity.

Exterior of Scotts Fish & Chips

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Restaurant Scotts Fish & Chips interior

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Scotts Fish & Chips with dark flooring

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Location 2342, Taikoo Li


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