Wulugul at Barangaroo sydney pop-up fitout builders
(Image credit: thestreetsofbarangaroo.com)

After a decade of debate, planning and construction, Barangaroo, one of the world’s largest waterfront urban renewal projects, is starting to take shape.

A 22 hectare former container wharf located in the heart of Sydney Harbour, the site will comprise multiple commercial, residential and hotel towers with major new parkland and public spaces, becoming a massive extension of the city’s CBD.

As a taste of things to come, Melbourne design studio Foolscap was commissioned by developer Lend Lease to activate a 170m stretch of the Barangaroo waterfront. Called Wulugul, the new precinct is home to a series of cafés and bars, co-working and relaxation areas, a lending library and open-air cinema program. ‘We wanted to create a place where people can explore and interact with a new side of Sydney,’ says Foolscap director, Adele Winteridge.

Constructed from custom made recycled cardboard tubing, its façade undulates to reference local topography, while creating a warm and calming change from the endless glass facades of modern cityscapes.

Constructed from custom made recycled cardboard tubing

(Image credit: thestreetsofbarangaroo.com)

Wulugul at Barangaroo sydney glass facades of modern cityscapes

(Image credit: thestreetsofbarangaroo.com)




200 Barangaroo Avenue