When Argentine chef Sebastian Daniel Levy opened Miranda 11 years ago in Buenos Aires, he quickly cemented his reputation for serving tasty, extra large portions of beef at decent prices. Now, Levy has ventured into the culinary delights of Asia and Peru, with new restaurant and café Brandon, located in the city’s bustling Palermo Viejo neighbourhood. After a long hiatus in the food industry, local architecture firm PAC have returned to the dining scene with a lofty space, featurng smooth white marble counters, exposed brick walls, soft refurbished oak floorings, an open kitchen and a patio with a vertical garden. ‘As architects we are always confronted with limitations,’ says the firm.  ‘But within these limits, we favoured neutral, solid and long lasting materials.’ The menu skates a culinary journey through East Asia and Peruvian street food with signature dishes such as Panko and coconut langoustines with mayonnaise siracha, mini tacos stuffed with barbecue pulled pork, onion and cilantro and homemade pumpkin ravioli with a creamy mushroom sauce.