Wallpaper* wants… ten best-designed wireless chargers for Apple devices

Looking to get rid of wires? Our top ten elegantly designed MagSafe-compatible wireless charging stations will help you find your way through the tangle

Vitra Ampi, one of Wallpaper* magazine's pick of wireless chargers
Vitra Ampi charger
(Image credit: Vitra)

Conventional phone chargers swiftly became the kind of generic object that you keep out of sight and out of mind, especially to conceal the inevitable tangle of wires. The introduction of wireless chargers changed all that, and it’s become increasingly common to seek out systems that let two or three devices charge at once. Here’s our guide to wireless charging desktop docks that look good.


1. Vitra Ampi Charging Station

Vitra Ampi charger with phone charging

(Image credit: Vitra)

Vitra’s Ampi was shaped by London-based design consultancy Layer for the mighty furniture maker Vitra. This neat desk accessory combines wireless charging with a concealed sliding compartment for devices that still need wires, where you’ll find a couple of conventional sockets and a brace of USB ports. Available from Vitra in two different finishes, basic dark and soft grey, this is pitched at the home office market. It’s also Layer’s first collaboration with Vitra and is the furniture maker’s debut tech product. 

Vitra Ampi, Vitra.com

2. Courant Catch:3

Courant Catch:3 wireless charger

(Image credit: Courant)

Courant, which was founded by Evan Moskal and Monish Sabnani in 2018, produces the neat Catch:3, which treats the charger like an accessory and pairs a pad with a helpful tray for odds and ends. Perfect for those who grab a phone or earbuds on the way out of the door along with their keys. The company also has a new MAG range that’s designed to work with Apple’s hugely successful MagSafe system. 

Courant Catch:3, $80, StayCourant.com

3. GroveMade Wood MagSafe Stand 

GroveMade Wood MagSafe Stand holding phone while charging

(Image credit: Grovemade)

GroveMade specialises in humanising technology through craft. While its MagSafe Stand doesn’t include the charger itself, it’s a hand-finished hardwood and vegetable-tanned leather stand paired with a solid metal base, creating an intentionally weighty and solid-looking device for your iPhone to perch on when it’s not in your pocket. Finishes include Eastern Hard Rock Maple and American Black Walnut, as well as ceramic-coated steel or brass, and a natural cork base. 

Wood MagSafe Stand, $155, Grovemade.com

4. Anker 3-in-1 Cube 

Anker 3-in-1 Cube wireless charging station

(Image credit: Anker)

Anker has acquired a solid reputation for quality and its new 3-in-1 Cube is a pared-back solution for Apple aficionados. The device incorporates a magnetic iPhone charge pad on the folding top, beneath which is a nook for your AirPods. Finally, there’s a pull-out drawer that serves as a handy charge platform for an Apple Watch. 

Anker 3-in-1 Cube, $149.95, Anker.com

5. Belkin BoostCharge Pro 

Belkin 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro charging station with iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods charging

(Image credit: Belkin)

Belkin’s take on the 3-in-1 device takes a different tack, with a T-shaped bar supporting iPhone and Apple Watch chargers (letting you keep track of the time), while AirPods sit on the circular base. Available in both black and white, the BoostCharge Pro incorporates stainless steel and fast 15W charging. 

Belkin BoostCharge Pro, £139.95, Belkin.com

6. Ikea Nordmärke

Ikea Nordmärke wireless charger on sideboard beside keys and notepad

(Image credit: IKEA)

Not to be outdone, Swedish giant Ikea continues to bolster its appliance and device division with a range of neat, affordable wireless charging pads. Nordmärke comes with a triple-pad version that is simplicity itself – space for three devices (three phones, if that’s your thing) on a simple lozenge-shaped pad with a non-slip cork surround. 

Ikea Nordmärke Triple pad for wireless charging, £45, ikea.com

7. Twelvesouth HiRise 3 

Twelvesouth HiRise 3 wireless charger with iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods charging

(Image credit: Twelvesouth)

A space-saving solution, the compact HiRise 3 still manages to charge three key devices within its small footprint. As well as the angled iPhone stand, a perch for your Apple Watch is tucked away at the back and AirPods go on the base (or a second phone). Available in white or black, this is a fine choice for a nightstand or countertop. 

Twelvesouth HiRise 3, $79.99, TwelveSouth.com

8. Nomad Base Station Pro

Nomad Base Station Pro wireless charging station with phone on top

(Image credit: Nomad)

Base Station Pro has capacity for three devices, as well as a special ‘full surface’ design that means you don’t have to hunt for the sweet spot to make a connection. A simple, slender black slab, it comes with a padded leather surface on which to rest your wireless-enabled devices.   

Nomad Base Station Pro, $199, Nomadgoods.com

9. Kerf MagSafe Standing Dock

KERF MagSafe Standing Dock

(Image credit: KERF)

Kerf is a small company dedicated to crafting high-tech accessories in a variety of woods. As well as tactile eccentricities like plywood and a wide range of different solid wood cases for iPhones, Pixels and Samsung phones, the company also hand-makes beautiful traditional pencil cases. We’re here for the MagSafe Standing Dock, however, a tasteful desk accessory that’s available in cherry, maple, or walnut. 

Kerf MagSafe Standing Dock, $90, Kerfcase.com

10. Oakywood Triple Dock 

Oakywood Triple Dock, one of Wallpaper's ten best-designed wireless charging stations, with phone, airpods and watch charging

(Image credit: Oakywood)

Oakywood’s take on the Triple Dock goes for sculptural rather than sleek. A faceted chunk of wood that conceals its electronic innards well, the dock offers wireless charging for the current holy trinity of Apple products, with a natural, smooth finish in oak or walnut that looks good even when it’s empty. The Poland-based company breaks down its prices so you can see exactly where your money goes (including a small percentage to environmental initiates). 

Oakywood Triple Dock, £78, Oakywood.shop

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