Warm your house with a box of moving-day goodies curated by British designers

The moving-in box
Moving-in box, curated by Faye Toogood for The Modern House
(Image credit: Faye Toogood)

Design-led estate agency The Modern House has teamed up with British designer Faye Toogood to curate a limited edition of 200 moving-in boxes for design conscious homebuyers.

Founded by Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd, The Modern House (after FRS Yorke’s book of the same name), has been selling contemporary homes throughout Britain since 2005. Its values are based on the central themes of modernism – space, light and materiality – which display the qualities of the homes represented by the agency, but are also embodied in each object chosen for the curated welcome collection.

Apron, by The Modern House

Cotton apron

(Image credit: Faye & Erica Toogood)

Marking the company’s first foray into product development, the minimalist box comprises six objects, with each being exclusively designed and produced by UK-based designers. A white plain cotton apron made by Faye & Erica Toogood; Olivia Fiddes’ brown clay cup, and a cream plaster Malgorzata Bany bowl add texture. To keep the home organised, there is a shell cordovan leather key ring by Sebastian Tarek, litho-printed artwork cards created by Valeria Armeni and Tom Watt, while a bespoke London Honey Company candle uplifts surroundings.

Moving into a new home is traditionally celebrated with a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers. The Modern House, however, encourages our fast-paced world to slow down and allows new homeowners to mark the moment in a more meaningful, modern and long-lasting manner. Co-founder Matt Gibberd explains this in more detail. ‘The project reflects our commitment to good design, and to the idea that an estate agency can have a cultural impact beyond the transactional element of selling houses. We want to inspire and educate people about how a well-designed home can have a positive effect on your day-to-day life.’

Faye Toogood

Faye Toogood’s studio

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)

kitchen interiors

Faye Toogood’s studio

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)

The collection of six objects curated by Faye Toogood

The collection of six objects

(Image credit: curated by Faye Toogood)

Litho-printed artwork cards, by Valeria Armeni and Tom Watt

Litho-printed artwork cards

(Image credit: Valeria Armeni and Tom Watt)

Tom Watt's studio, photographed by The Modern House

Tom Watt's studio

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)

Cream plaster bowl, by Malgorzata Bany

Cream plaster bowl

(Image credit: Malgorzata Bany)


Malgozata Bany’s studio, in a series titled ‘Gosia’

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)

London Honey Company candle

 London Honey Company candle

(Image credit: Press)

Shell cordovan leather key ring, by Sebastian Tarek

Shell cordovan leather key ring

(Image credit: Sebastian Tarek)

Sebastian Tarek studio

Sebastian Tarek's studio

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)

Brown clay cup, by Olivia Fiddes

Brown clay cup

(Image credit: Olivia Fiddes)


Olivia Fiddes' studio

(Image credit: photographed by The Modern House)


For more information, visit The Modern House website