Capitol boutique launches its first fragrance with Perfumer H

Inside the Capitol boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina
Inside Capitol boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina
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For over 20 years, the destination fashion boutique Capitol has been leading the sartorial charge in its hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Housed in a 6,000 sq ft space, the freestanding boutique is as well known for its elegant, residence-style interiors designed by architect Perry Poole, as it is for its spacious courtyard and green wall created by the French botanist Patrick Blanc.

This month, Capitol’s founder Laura Vinroot Poole unveils the store’s first fragrance – the enigmatically named A Flower, created in collaboration with the London-based olfactory label, Perfumer H. Made from summery notes that range from citrus and berries, to herbs, spices and flowers, the effervescent fragrance encapsulates a love of the outdoors while making a nod to the American South.

A Flower by Perfumer H for Capitol

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‘A Flower is an olfactory take on summers in the South,’ says perfumer Lyn Harris, who first met Poole when she wanted to create her own bespoke fragrance. ‘I fell in love with her free spirit and style. Her passion for the south and where she is from deeply inspired everything you smell in this creation. Vanilla bourbon, ylang-ylang, white musk and citrus notes conjure a sophisticated scent, designed to appeal to Capitol’s discerning clientele.’

The creative process began with Poole sending Harris photographs that were important to her. ‘I explained to Lyn what it's like to live here; what it smells like [and] what it feels like. I described the smells of wisteria and tobacco, and the humidity,’ she recalls. ‘We spent time together and tested different formulas. It was such an interesting process to create a fragrance because I'm so used to editing with my eyes and my hands. Tuning my olfactory sense was challenging at first, but ultimately very liberating.’

The limited edition fragrance is presented in sapphire blue, glass bottles, each blown by hand. With only 40 produced, each accompanied by a travel size factory bottle, two atomisers in a wool case, and a miniature funnel and pipette dropper for decanting, this is a true collector’s item.

Charlotte, North Carolina, Capitol Boutique

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For more information, visit the Perfumer H website, and the Capitol website

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