On the tip of my tongue: Nendo’s chocolates give texture a taste

On the tip of my tongue: Nendo’s chocolates give texture a taste

Japanese design company Nendo has created new chocolates for their ’by | n’ range, that emphasise texture while also delivering on taste. Released in 2015, ‘chocolatetexture’ maintained a conventional chocolate texture, while playing around with form and placement; bringing to the fore questions on how the way the chocolate was being consumed – when bitten, swallowed or melted – impacted on the taste itself.

The ‘chocolatetexturebar’ takes this concept a bite further. The bar is divided into 12 segments, each with unique striped, dotted, zigzagged and chequered patterns that allow one to enter a hypothetical ‘new taste dimension’ via subtle haptic differentiation. The bar comes in five different flavours: milk, strawberry, white, bitter and matcha.

To accompany the bar is the ‘chocolatemixer’. Bottled in tiny test tubes are dried mango and raspberry candies, popping sweets that explode with flavour and heart-shaped sugar puffs to be custom-added to flask-like chocolates by lifting their white chocolate lids. Making a perfect concoction of one part flavour, one part feel has never been such fun.

Both ’chocolatetexturebar’ and ’chocolatemixer’ are set to be released in February.

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